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  • Expert Well Drilling and Pump Installation for Lincoln IL
  • Well water can provide your home with a wide variety of benefits. If you’ve been thinking about establishing a well on your property, call the well drilling experts at Tartar Brothers Mechanical to guide you through the process!  Installing a well is an investment in your property that will give you positive returns for years to come. Our team can help you get the most out of this investment with fast, dependable, and efficient service.

    From start to finish, you can trust our team to provide your home the best water well possible. From well drilling to pump sales and installation, we’ll make sure your property is all set! Additionally, we offer quality services well after installation is complete, with water sampling and testing, inspections, service and repairs, and much more! Our specialists are more than capable of tackling any property and providing clean, reliable well water. Our services include:

    • Well Drilling from 20 Feet to Over 400 Feet
    • Pump Installation and Repair
    • Well Cleaning and Sanitizing
    • Trenches for Electrical, Plumbing, or Sewer Lines
  • Well Water FAQs
  • How much water will I need?

    Our experts can help you determine this, as there is no simple solution. The amount you will need depends on the size of your home and the water's usage needs (current and future) of your property.

  • How much will a water well cost me?

    Usually, water wells can range from $2,500 to $15,000. Wells that require extra depth or complexity can cost more than that. Additionally, pump system and installation costs depend on the depth of the well you choose and the gallons per minute it produces.

  • What is a pump system?

    While the pump system is comprised of many technical elements, it is, basically, the system by which the water gets from the well to your home.

  • What is ground water?

    Groundwater is what we call the water that resides below the ground’s surface that fills the spaces between grains of sediment and rocks or fills cracks and fractures in the rock. These underground rocks are natural water storage spaces and over 130 million Americans receive their drinking water from groundwater.

    National Groundwater Association is a great resource to learn more about groundwater.

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